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VVR Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ will provide you with answers to comonly asked questions that may come up when using this site. If you are a homeowner looking for information on listing you home or have questions about the homeowners area you should use the homeowner's FAQ.

Renters FAQ

How do I search for a home?
There are three different ways to find a home on this site:

The first method allows you to view all of the homes available in random order and then narrow your search using geographical links. Begin by clicking on the Browse tab in the menu at the top of the page. All listings will be selected in random order. You will then click on the geographical links at the top of the page. New search results and graphical links will immediately come available that will allow you to continue to narrow your search until homes only in the geographical area you are interested in are shown in the search result.

The second search choice is the search box that can be found on the VVR home page. Enter one or more keywords onto the search box and click the search link. The villas that have the greatest relevence to your request will be returned in the search results..

Finally the third option is to click on Search from the main menu. You will be presented with a for that allows you to search on selected characteristics of the villas availble such as location, bedrooms, etc..

How do I get back to my search results from a listing that I have chosen?
To return to your search results click on the rightmost link in the "Current Location" ( provide a pic here) at the top of the listing window. You can select any of the geographical areas ( Country, City, State, Community) from the current location line of the listing display.

How do I save a list of homes or searches I am interested in?

You can save a list of favorite homes or searches for up to 90 days by signing up for a free user account. There will never be a charge for a user account. Your user preferences will never be used for any reason except for management of this site and providing you with notifications you have asked for.

Once you have signed up for an account you will be able to click on the "add to favorites" link to save a listing. You can save a search by clicking in the "Save this Search" link.

To view your saved villas and searches click on the view favorites link at any time.

How do I list my house/condo on



How do I update my calendar?

You can update your calendar by logging into the Members Area. Once logged in click on "Edit My Listings". Then select the listing corresponding to the calendar you would like to update. Click "Calendar" in the listing area. You can now select the month and year you would like to update. Use the radio buttons on each date to correctly set it's status. Optionally the radio button at the end of each row will set all the days in that week. Click on the update calendar button below the calendar and wait for the message " calendar updated successfully to appear above the calendar. You may now select another month for update or log out. 

How do I login to my user account?
You can login to your homeowine by clicking on the 'homeowner login' link on the bottom of the page. Your homeowner account will allow you to change your listings, add listings and update calendar information or account information.

How do I login to my homeowner account?

You can login to your account by clicking on the 'member login' link on the bottom of the page. Your user account is where your favorite listings and stored searches can be accessed.


How do I contact a listing?

Click on the "Contact the Vacation Home Owner ( Booking or Questions)" link. This link can be found directly above the main picture in each listing. Both you and the property owner will receive a copy of your inquiry. You should expect a response within 48 hours.

Why should I list my home on



What kind of deposit and due date can I expect?



How can I find out details like check-in and check-out times?



How can I post pictures on



How can I have a virtual tour on



What rate should I charge on my rental house/condo?

There is no set guidelines for what you should be charging for your home. We recomend that you view other homes that are similar to your san proce accordingly. If you are getting many inquiries and you are constantly booked you most likely have set your rates too low. If you are not getting any interest in your listing you rates may be set too high.



How do I sign up?

If you are a homeowner interested in signing up with procede to the Homeowner's signup page.



Is there an incentive to refer other owners to this site?

This site currently does not charge for listings. Therefore no incentive system can exist. If this policy changes an incentive system will be re-evaluated at that time.

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